Abdulai Muntaka writes: Vindication lies in the womb of time

Congratulations Abukari Hanifa for emerging as the best female student in Tamasco for the 2020 WASSCE.
In 2017 when you completed JHS and was deservedly selected as the best female student in the Northern region and was slated to receive the Presidential award for that category, some malicious people went on very shameful but ignorant propaganda that, the selection process that saw you emerged as the overall winner was manipulated by someone in Tamale for you and that you were not deserving of the award.
The then Municipal Chief Executive of Yendi led this unfortunate accusation and went as far as writing to the Education Minister to cancel your award because according to him a girl in his Municipality was the rightful winner of the award.
This accusation was amplified on social media by some people in Yendi and Tamale, I remember how I have to engage these people on this same platform trying to make them understand that nobody was cheated and that you deserved the award because as your teacher who is also well abreast with the selection process, can testify to the fact that you won the award fairly and squarely.
Rather unfortunately the Education Minister subsequently suspended your award on the basis of those allegations, saying an investigation would be conducted into the allegations.
Nothing came out of it as far I know and that was how you were denied your award three years ago. I still remember how you wept profusely over it because you were already in Accra by then to receive your award at the Presidency.
As fate would have it, Here you are today standing side by side the very President they denied you meeting with for your award some three years ago receiving the award as the best female student for WASSCE 2020.
This is even more interesting than it would have been three years ago because you are top there ALONE with the President, not with your colleagues as it would have been in 2017.
Ironically, this time with a broad smile. Indeed, you have proved to the whole world that nobody cheated anyone for you in 2017. I expect those people to come to render an apology to you. Lol… Congratulations once more my girl. So proud of you.

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