Relationships a major cause of most mental illnesses in females – Expert

It is an open secret that relationships are complicated.

Although they can be amazing, filled with heartening experiences, when things go south, they have the potential to be unhealthy and harmful to mental health.

While mental health is very complex and often with multiple causes, the Public Relations Officer for the Accra Psychiatric hospital has identified relationships as the major cause of mental stress in the country.

Francisca Ntow, speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, observed that most of the health facility’s interaction with clients has “something to do with relationships.”

According to her, “whether intimate or normal friendship, it runs through most of the calls, especially from the females.”

Acknowledging that relationships affect the mental health of an individual, Madam Ntow mentioned that stress is also a major factor in mental stress.

“Some people will be having problems with sleep, which if you probe further you will realise that they have a lot of other problems,” she explained.

The world on Sunday, October 10, commemorated Mental Health Day to encourage mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

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