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Reject NPP and NDC in Assin North by-election - Fighters demands -

Reject NPP and NDC in Assin North by-election – Fighters demands

The Economic Fighters League is calling for independent candidates to win the pending by-election in Assin North constituency of the Central region.

According to the group, although the two major political parties – NPP and NDC – would dust off faulty rhetoric of being the best party to represent the aspirations of the constituency, “the reality is that nothing will change.”

“Ghanaians gave the NPP and NDC 137 seats apiece. And on top of this, is an NDC-backed Speaker of Parliament. What have they done with it so far?

”Has the public purse been protected or are they just cutting juicy deals which has resulted in the heightened and unprecedented rape of the public purse? These are questions we must all ask ourselves,” the group said in a press statement signed by Hardi Yakubu, Fighter-General.

The two parties in parliament, the statement added, have congratulated themselves, awarding huge ex-gratia to their former and present colleagues, and approving an insensitive $28m car loan for themselves.

”And this is the reality of Ghana’s current political crop, which is why in the 2020 general elections we declared a boycott of that election and waged a #NoVote2020 campaign.

”We stated for the records and for the avoidance of doubt that, the very poor track records of the NPP and NDC and the unavailability of credible contesting candidates in that election had brought us to that conclusion,” it said.

Governance of Ghana since the establishment of this republic, it said, ”is a vindication of our stance. It is governance full of treacherous thievery, gangster deal-cutting and crude insensitivity to the plight of the people.

”While many Ghanaians express disgust at the two gates of Ghana’s political class, the people of Assin North have been given a rare opportunity to get out of this quagmire.”

The statement maintained that ”it is time to vote for independent candidates. Get out of this false box of NPP-NDC politics and reject what many in this country are convinced should be rejected but are afraid to demand for it – the NPP-NDC duopoly.

“We call on credible independent candidates to put themselves into avail a genuine choice for the people of Assin North.”

“By credible, we mean a representative who despite the lack of true democracy in Ghana will constitute what democracy can truly mean and will avail themselves of every limited means left to them by this rotten system to sustain the constituents of Assin- North; someone who can identify with the popular feeling that parliament needs cleansing; we need a parliament that works for the people.

”Our political and economic salvation is the total obliteration of the Sakawa 1992 Constitution of Ghana,” the statement said.