Fighters raises over GHC11,000 for Kaaka’s family, other victims in Ejura

Fighters delegation at the family of the victim's residence

The leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah,  yesterday led a delegation from the Central Command to visit the family of Ibrahim Mohammed alias Kaaka and some victims during the military brutalities in Ejura.

The 45-year-old Macho Kaaka died on June 28, 2021, after some unknown assailants attacked him at his Ejura residence.

Members of Fighters and family of the victim at Ejura

As part of the outlined actions, the delegation presented the donations received through fundraising to the various families.

A total of GHC11,120 was raised. GHC5,000 was allocated to Kaaka’s wife and five children, GHC1,000 to his mother while the rest has been distributed among the families of the two killed and those injured.

Mr. Yeboah reminded Kaaka’s family and the other victims to be proud that their children stood up for the truth, that they did no wrong by heeding the #FixTheCountry call to action, and that their blood will not be vain.

He also reiterated that the Economic Fighters League and fellow conveners of #FixTheCountry had no faith in the so-called Ejura public enquiry.

“We would be proceeding to petition the UN Human Rights Council, the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice and other bodies to do independent investigations to unravel the truth and bring the perpetrators to book,” he added.

The delegation expressed appreciation to the families, saying that the Ghana their loved ones fight for will come to pass.

“We also deeply appreciate all those who donated to this effort. Your kindness has been noted as part of history,” they said.