I’ll use my MP’s car loan to buy grader for Adentan – Adamu Ramadan

Mohammed Adamu Ramadan, MP for Adentan

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Adentan, Mohammed Adamu Ramadan, reiterated his 2020 election campaign pledge to use his car loan meant for every Member of Parliament to acquire a V8 to purchase a grader for the benefit of the good people of Adentan rather than buy a V8 for his personal comfort. 

“Since I already have several vehicles, I will use my MP’s car loan to buy a grader to help my constituency. I don’t need another V8. The bad roads in this constituency are my priority,” he said.

Adentan Constituency is among the many constituencies in the country facing several developmental challenges including very bad roads and terrible drains.

It is for this reason that the Member of Parliament for the area has decided to buy a grader with his MP’s car loan to work on the poor road network in his constituency.