We’re watching violent evictions at Agbogbloshie – Fighters warns

Hardi Yakubu, Fighter-General of Economic Fighters League

The Economic Fighters League says it is monitoring with concern the displacement and violent evictions at the informal settlements of Agbogbloshie District of Accra.

The group said ostensibly, these actions by AMA, police et al are for the best of the area.

“Who amongst us can say with any confidence that this same political class failing us in every other way can be trusted to have the interest of the peoples of Agbogbloshie or surrounding areas?

”If so surely more humane measures have been used for current residents? After all they are the victims of economic conditions very few Africans have control in or benefit from,” the group saiin a press statement signed by Hardi Yakubu, Fighter-General of the Economic Fighters League and sighted by 24news.news.

They added that it’s certain the people are losing homes, shelters, and sources of sustenance, stressing “we must ask who will truly benefit from the clearance work taking place; who will get the ensuing construction contracts and commercial opportunities, and how? Etc.

Fighters will remain vigilant and resolute in continuing to be the eyes and ears of fellow Africans who like many are marginalised and oppressed by forces that are literally supposed to shelter us and represent our interests.

“We welcome sincere contact from those affected by or even part of these ‘works’ in Accra.

“Any insight will help us so that any actions Fighters deem necessary are well-targeted and appropriate,” the group said.