TV3’s Adotei Pappoe’s goodbye message

TV3's Adotei Pappoe's goodbye message to TV3

I scrambled to reach my phone when I saw a mistake in the Sunday edition of news 360, I cringed hoping it will miss the camera lenses of persons interested in embarrassing media houses on social media.

Just then it struck me that I have lost the power to scream “lose super”. Simultaneously, my wife wearing a wry smile asked me what I was doing. Clearly, it was an instinctive action backed by 15 years of practice that refused to be shut down after tendering my resignation.

While it will take some time for me to adjust, I want to remind you my friends of the power you have as journalist working with undoubtedly one of the biggest media firms in Ghana.

In the midst of challenges, I urge you to do your very best and spend every day like it is your last. One of our latest additions made an observation recently which has stayed with me. All we need in the newsroom is “drive”.

I am grateful to TV3 and all the managers I served under for the opportunity. To you my colleagues, I am thankful for all the help you gave me.

One of my difficult moments was when I was Assignment Editor having to deal with almost everybody. Oh Yes!

There were disagreement over how the job should be done and some of us had a fraught relationship. I sincerely apologize if my actions hurt anyone. It was a genuine attempt to get the job done.

I depart with my head held high up knowing that I contributed to the success of TV3.

I will always be a part of the newsroom and be a worthy ambassador wherever I find myself. To all senior journalist who feel disillusioned and tired, hear me. Get up one more time and shine.

It could have been better but it is not all rosy at your neighbor’s backyard. To the young and upcoming journalist, I will borrow retired Journalist Gabriel Bossompem’s (Gabby) admonishment when I first entered the newsroom.

“If you want to do this job and be successful, play with news”.

To senior leadership both new and old, treasure your subordinates. Be fair and firm. Above all lead by example. To all Regional Correspondents, I thank you for your support.

I look forward to better connections from your home regions. You have the best opportunity to be the voice of an entire region. Make the best out of it. To you Visual and Graphic Editors, thank you all for your patients.

Your job is so crucial to the success of news and there is every reason to celebrate you as you strife to be the best. To all the cameramen, thank you.

Finally, forgive me my friends if I have made myself too important by writing this long piece. I am only a Journalist who loves to write than speak and since I did not get the opportunity to say a proper goodbye, I decided to write.

Feel free and give me any advice on your heart before I exit this platform. Goodbye friends, our path will surely cross again. Love one another, hate no man and God will reward the work of your hand.