Okyeame Kwame writes: Sunday reflections; Blood sacrifice-is it cruel?

My son asked me “daddy if I were Isaac and you were Abraham would you have tried to sacrifice me?”

As a vegan, I find it very disturbing that a God or Gods will have to accept blood (human/animal) before they forgive sins.

Why must an innocent goat, ram or cow be slaughtered or buried alive before men can succeed in their quest?

Why can’t an offender go to the offended and say I am sorry for offending you? The goat can be given to the offended as consolation with a promise never to repeat the offense.

I am trying to hold brief for our wise ancestors but I still find it very difficult to justify why more pain must be caused because of a previous pain.

My senior brother asked me recently if I believed that money rituals worked through such sacrifices?

My answer “I will “believe” it the day an African ritualist or spiritualist becomes more financially successful than Zuckerberg, then I will know it works”.

If I sacrifice my time, money, prayers, energy, resources for others, I know that works magic but to give a ram to a spiritualist to throw his party before I am forgiven my sins will need an explanation higher than logic.

Why must I go through another thing or person before going to God? Why does God need blood before forgiveness? Who said these things? Can we question it now?

I say that true sacrifice is sharing the little you do not have. It is in giving up your personal pleasure to protect the sanity of the group’s good.

Africa, it’s time to question some of the concepts behind our traditions, religion, spirituality and culture. I honestly do not understand the cruelty behind human and animal sacrifice.

But what do I know? My questions 1 . Do you understand why blood must flow before forgiveness? 2. Has it worked for you before? 3. Why are we afraid to question this idea?4.

What answer would you have given your son ?