Gov’t should go ahead with June 21 easing, says UK sociologist

Ministers should go ahead with the 21 June easing of restrictions in England, a leading sociologist says, even as other experts warn of a potential third wave in the UK.

Robert Dingwall, professor of sociology at Nottingham Trent University, tells Times Radio: “I personally, I don’t see any case for delay”.

He adds that, “from a societal point of view, I think it’s really important that we go ahead on 21 June, and I’ve not really seen anything in the data that would lead me to doubt that as a proposition on the evidence to date”.

Dingwall says we have to recognise the way people’s fear and anxiety has been amplified in the last 15 months and says there is also collateral damage to consider “in terms of untreated cancers, untreated heart conditions, all of the other things that people suffer from”.