16 times to IMF but nothing to show for it – Bokpin

Finance and Economic Lecturer, Professor Godfred Bokpin, is cautioning government against running to the International Monetary Fund for an economic programme to bring back live into the economy.

Some economists and finance professionals including the former Finance Minister, Seth Tekper have suggested the country adopt a programme, be it ‘Home Grown’ or ‘External’ to restore confidence in the economy, post covid-19.

This is due to the ballooning debt and high fiscal deficit, partly attributed to effects of covid-19.

But Professor Bokpin in an interview with Winston Amoah on Upfront on Joy News said the country cannot be running to the IMF anytime there are challenges within the economy.

“I think others have suggested that we need a programme to ambitiously reduce the deficit in terms of fiscal consolidation. I have a different view actually, any decision to go to the IMF must be thoroughly interrogated. We’ve been to the fund 16 times, what do we have to show for. What shows that the 17th time will deliver a different outcome on a more sustainable bases?”https://10044e1a5a6e6703c23225721e54a1bf.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html