Special Voting takes off smoothly across the country

The Special Voting for persons with special election day assignments is ongoing throughout the country.
The process so far has been smooth and peaceful with a total of 109, 577 registered voters expected to participate.
Special Voting started at 07:00hours across all the designated Polling Stations and will end at 1700hours. All materials arrived at the Polling Stations on time for the start of the exercise.
Reports from our staff in all Regions indicate that the Biometric Verification Devices (BVD) are working satisfactorily.
A single BDV machine can verify 50 to 65 persons within an hour.
At the Polling Stations, the EC COVID-19 Ambassadors are ensuring compliance with social distancing, one of the COVID-19 protocols.
Aside from the mandatory hand washing, the temperature of each Voter is checked.
Electoral Officials are also ensuring that Voters wear their masks before being admitted into the Polling Station.
Source: 24news.news/Ghana

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