Murtala Mohammed Ahmed writes: Re: we won’t accept flawed election

This statement by John Mahama is a threat to our democracy. Ghanaians must not take it likely at all. The National House of Chiefs, Christian Council of Ghana, Office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana and the National Peace Council must immediately call John Mahama to order.

7,000 missing names out of 17miliion names in our voters register should not turn this country into a war zone, especially when this anomaly can be solved amicably. I am not holding any brief for the Electoral Commission.

Neither am I failing to appreciate the challenges of missing names in the register.
My point is that a mere missing of names during voter exhibition exercise is not enough reason to call an impending election FLAWED.

In fact it does not even necessitate the drama of abandoning the campaign mid-stream and calling on all NDC party to do same.

In fact, this is not something unusual. For all the political actors who are into elections and are abreast with electoral commission matters will tell you this anomaly is not new. Missing of names, spelling mistakes, different codes syndrome and other forms of curable defects feature regularly in our voters data each time we compile new register.

The solution to the issue is not ugly noises in the media, insults or impugning on the integrity of the electoral Commissioners. But engage the EC to legally rectify these anomalies amicably as have been done previously.

I am not surprise though. It is all part of some old school thought of the NDC, borne out of their coup and revolutionary background to create tension and mayhem before election in order to cause fear and panic amongst the Electoral Commission’s staff and our Security Services so they’re unable to execute their duties effectively on election day.

By extension, also to threaten the upper and the middle class, who are predominantly NPP, from coming out in their numbers to vote come December 7, 2020. This will certainly not work this time around.

Even Nana Akufo-Addo, whom you(JM) and the NDC demonized and accused of being a war monger, a violent person, KUME-PREKO champion et al, did not resort to such unguarded statements, neither did he take it to the street but chose the court of law.

We must be clear as a country; what we can do and what we dare not do. Whatever the result from the coming elections must not warrant any rejection outside the confines of the law.

John Mahama and the NDC, as the NPP did in 2012, must prepare to go to court and deal with any issues of infractions, if any.

The process so far cannot be described as flawed. Neither can we describe the next face as flawed. The electoral commission has been very transparent to the Parties involve and the Ghanaian populace. We are fed with up-to-date progress of work via IPAC meetings, press releases, press Conferences and Graphic representation all through the process. So why the Drama?


Murtala Mohammed Ahmed

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