Your swag surely makes your haters weep secretly – Inna Patty

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Exclusive Events Ghana, Inna Patty, is advising her fans to focused in order to be successful in life.

She posted below statement on Facebook:

“In life, weak people take revenge, strong people forgive and intelligent people ignore. Instead of crying or getting angry at the wickedness of others towards you, just determine to be FOCUSED and SUCCEED THE MORE!

Yes! Determine to smile and laugh the more! Determine to change your wardrobe if you can and look the best you can. Refuse to sit in ANGER and BITTERNESS!

The best revenge is your success and happiness- your swag! It surely makes your haters weep secretly. LEAVE THE SWORD IN THE HANDS OF YOUR GOD; HE KNOWS BEST HOW TO USE IT TO FIGHT YOUR HATERS!”

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