You remember Lamptey-Mills? Proprietor of Great Lamptey Mills who…

You people remember me Mr Enoch Lamptey-Mills? The Proprietor of Great Lamptey Mills who was charged with having sex with a student of his school, impregnating her and making her one of his wives with no consequence.

The girl got pregnant at the age of 16 so it wasn’t legally a crime. There was no evidence as to when the affair with the young girl started and how many young girls of the school he had slept with.
After the incident, a lot of students left the school as they should. The name of the school was changed to GLM International School and he owned and ran it. Today, I passed in front of the school and the name has been changed back to Great Lamptey-Mills.
The school started a “No School Fees” policy where parents “don’t pay fees” but pay daily classes and feeding fees.

The policy got popular and now he’s attracting quite a sizable number of students. People have forgotten about his scandal and his name is no more a liability so he has put his name on the school gate again also adorned by pictures of himself with presidents Kuffour and Atta-Mills and the National Chief Imam.
The fact that this pervert is allowed to still hold the position of power that gives him access to young girls so he can manipulate and abuse them should be more concerning than what someone says on TV about rape victims. Ghana Education Service needs a mechanism to protect the kids of Ghana from people like this. The least of which should be, he shouldn’t be allowed to own and ran a school in Ghana. Unfortunately, this is Ghana nobody cares about the vulnerable. These days, even the government is chasing clout. The government only talks about matters if a celebrity is involved.

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