CVM: Dump “Mugabe” Parliamentary system; 12yrs enough for MPs

The leadership of Concerned Voters Movement (CVM) is calling for the amendment of Article 97 of the 1992 Constitution to limited the tenure of Members of Parliament to three terms.

12 years in Parliament, according to them, is more than enough to impact knowledge and experience to new entrants, who will join the House.

A press statement signed by  President and Founder of CVM, Razak Kojo Opoku, said this will help to create the platform for other persons to represent their people in Parliament.

“The only three terms policy for Members of Parliament would help to reduce the power struggles within political parties during primaries,” the statement stressed.

It added that it will compel Members of Parliament to make wise decisions in the interest of the public, saying that this approach would also help to eliminate “Mugabes” from Parliament.

“Some persons have been in Parliament for more than 12 years yet they unable to lobby for meaningful developmental projects for their Constituencies.

Some persons have been in Parliament during the times of J. J. Rawlings through to Kufuor, Atta Mills, John Mahama and currently President Akufo-Addo’s yet their constituencies still have worst road networks, no portable drinking water, school under trees, no furniture and learning materials in schools, worst healthcare facilities, high rate of unemployment and no basic social amenities.”

The annoying thing, the statement, is that some of such MPs are advocating for 450-seater chamber at the cost of $200 million.

The group said Members of Parliament who have been in Parliament since 1996 or 2000 should be voted out in the 2020 general elections.

“They have been there for more than enough. They are not the only wisest persons in their constituencies,” it said.


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