Fighters, NUGS, others march for Sudan

A coalition of organisations and individuals is set to stage a massive peaceful demonstration in Accra in solidarity with the people of Sudan who are in a serious political crisis.

The march is scheduled on take place on 29th June 2019 starting from the Independence Square and ending at AU Square where coalition members will give solidarity speeches.

The “Coalition in Solidarity with the People’s Revolution in Sudan” is being led by the Economic Fighters League (Fighters), a revolutionary Nkrumaist political movement in Ghana.

Other organisations include the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP), African Youth Improvement Foundation (AYIF) the Junior Common Room of Hilla Liman Hall, University of Ghana etc.

In a short notice to the public, the Fighters noted that “whatever happens in any part of Africa has serious implications for all Africans all over the world.”

It will be recalled that in April this year, long time Sudanese leader Omar Al-Bashir was deposed following weeks of mass demonstrations.

The army then formed the Transitional Military Council, taking over power and announcing a transitional period of two years.

However, the people rejected the move and continued their protests, demanding for a democratic civilian administration.

On June 3, things turned violent when the military ordered a brutal break-up of a sit-in at its headquarters in Khartoum, leading to at least 108 deaths and more than 500 injuries.

Since then, pressure has been mounting on the military to hand over power to a civilian body.

The African Union suspended Sudan’s membership “until the effective establishment of a civilian administration.”

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, who has been mediating the crisis, submitted a deal by which a transitional body would be made up of 15 members, eight civilian and seven military.

The leaders of the revolution accepted the plan but the military have rejected it.

Many believe the military are stalling to buy time but with international pressure mounting, it is unclear how long they can hold on to the people’s revolution.


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