3 silly and unpardonable mistakes by John Boye

1. Within 6 minutes, we get a corner kick and as the leader and most experienced of the Ghanaian defenders on the pitch, he decided to marshall all the defence to go and look for a header during the corner kick.

He didn’t issue any instructions for some to remain at the back in the event of a counter play by the opponents.

That’s how come all our defenders failed to recover quickly and we paid dearly for the first goal.

2. So for some strange means, he decided to push the ball all the way to the midfield and come and do distribution himself when there were midfielders in front of him whom he could have passed the ball to, to do the distribution.

He overindulged and looked totally out of mind and committed that silly foul which resulted in his first yellow card.

3. For another strange reason, he went to stand behind the ball after a foul at a few distance from the centre line in our half with the intention of taking the free kick.

He stood there for quite some time and then decided to leave the ball for the goal keeper to come and take the free kick and that’s how he attracted the second yellow and subsequent red cards.

Was it not this same John Boye who was alleged to have said he was resigning from the national team simply because Asamoah Gyan had resigned?

Where was his concentration?
He shouldn’t have been on the pitch in the first place.

I guess his place should be on the bench. He can only play when Asamoah Gyan is on the pitch.

His silly demeanor nearly caused us a worse result even though I must admit the entire team didn’t look hungry enough and we were failing to gel up well as a team. Don’t put the blame on any referee.

I just hope we are now warming up like it has been with us at every tournament whether it’s the junior or the senior teams.

In all things let’s be thankful.

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